Giving away my work on dvd

As a professional photographer, I am frequently asked “Can I get all of the shots on dvd copyright free?” 

There is a wide belief that because most people own their own photo printer then why can’t they print their own shots from their photographers digital files. Just like music, by law all photographers own the copyright to the images that they have taken. It is up to each individual photographer to agree to sell their images to a customer should they wish to. In general you will find that part-time non-professional, uninsured photographers in Ireland will give away their shots on dvd after the wedding for a very small fee. This sounds great until you realise that none of the shots are worth printing, you have nothing to put in an album and you also have no comeback with the uninsured individual who is probably not in business any more. It is up to you to decide if you want to pay for 100 technically correct, creative shots presented in a book bound album or a bucket load of bad shots that you can print yourself.

Having a top class album of  incredible shots to pass on to the next generation of your family is what good wedding photography is all about. Now where did I leave that dvd…


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