Under Pressure…

After being diverted into other projects I am now back on the wedding vibe. In the coming weeks I will showing off some more wedding photographs that I love..

Leah and Shane’s wedding was probably one of the toughest weddings I have photographed which had nothing to do with Leah and Shane but with the severe time constraints involved. The wedding reception was in the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Powerscourt in Enniskerry,  Co. Wicklow. There was the presumption that as we were on the Powerscourt Estate that we could use the grounds around the beautiful Powerscourt House for our shots but this was not to be as there was another wedding being hosted at the house. There is a policy of no two weddings being on the same turf and I agree with this but we had to find a way to get the shots as Leah had her heart set on the old world, stately look of the house and its grounds rather than the very new design of the Ritz Carlton. Through a bit of coercing and our promise that we would vanish from the grounds before the other bride & groom arrived we managed to secure a very short time slot of 20 minutes to get the job done. Although I had been here many times before, I needed to walk the grounds in advance with my camera t0 plan the exact shots I was going to take. In my minds eye  I placed the bride & groom in the best positions within the scene. On the day we all knew what was required to get these beautiful shots that they would have forever. Myself, my assistant and Leah & Shane all concentrated on this one task of being the best we could in all of our capacities and there was something very satisfying in the feeling that all of us, together got the job done. The hotel manager relayed news by radio that the other bride & groom were on their way up the avenue and so we vanished. Leah feeling like Cinderella darting away at midnight except she didn’t leave her Jimmy Choo behind….

Meanwhile back at the Ritz….


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