Kerry Leaves Me Spoiled For Choice…

People say to me all the time that it is no wonder I get such great shots. I have places like Kenmare, Killarney, Sneem, Derrynane, Waterville, Dingle with mountains and sea at my disposal wherever I end up photographing a wedding in Kerry. I agree! I have an extensive and dramatic palette here to create great shots. Castlegregory was the location for the bridal portraits below. 

We had great fun going to some less obvious spots including this one which was the gable of a man’s house who had a non-stop yapping dog as we took these. He almost had a seizure trying to get his paws on that veil…

Bride photographed in Kerry

Wedding Portrait

We headed back to Tralee for this shot. I had my eye on this paint-chipped wall for quite some time and finally got to use it. I couldn’t believe the timing of this as the same wall was painted over the very next day…

Wedding shot in Tralee

Don’t get me started on how great Irish clouds are…

Kerry Landscape

wedding photograph in Kerry

Did I also mention that we also have a lot of wind here in Kerry? It sometimes requires a ton of hair spray but great for veils…

Church wedding in Kerry

Natural Portrait

Love the Happy Face in the background. This was our last shot and it just sums the day up..

Happy Face


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