A Male Fitness Model…

Apologies Brides to Be for the diversion or are you secretly thanking me! I will post a full account of this recent shoot I did with Conor this afternoon. More great shots to follow…

Fitness Modelling

Conor asked me to take some shots of his seriously worked-out body for his fitness portfolio. You would not believe the effort that goes into priming your body so that it has exactly the right amount of muscle definition for a shoot like this. I had to make sure I did my homework on the lighting required and the location…

Fitness Model Photograph

A metal yard in Tralee, Co. Kerry caught my eye as I was out scouting. The minute I stepped into the yard I knew this was exactly what I wanted…

Male Fitness Models

When asking for permission to shoot here I conveniently left out the fact that the model was male. I didn’t want them to say “no” so the thoughts of a bikini clad model may have swayed their decision…

Fitness Modelling

Male Model

Muscle Definition

We based the rest of our shoot in the studio so that I could sculpt the muscle definition with angled lighting…

Model Portfolio

Reminds me of Calvin Klein Ad from years ago…

Calvin Klein Ad

Kick boxing


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