Lost in Ireland


I was reading a travel article in the New York Times written by Matt Gross who allows himself to get lost in countries by not using any aids to help him find his way. So this week his article was on getting “Lost in Ireland” . It got me thinking on how many times I have gotten lost when I am checking out remote areas for wedding shots. I would consider just about anywhere off the M50 remote because the sign posting is so incredibly bad. Come to think of it the M50 is not particularly good either. There seems to be a pattern of planting trees in front of signs and letting them spread in all their glory so that you just manage to see the last letter of what might be the destination you are looking for. Putting signs right on the exit so that you sail on past and travel a few miles more out of your way causes me to say not very nice words. Only recently the sign person (whoever he/she is) has figured out that putting signs over the motorway seems to be the way to go. Many times I would have liked to have met this sign person when they thought it was a good idea to put country road signs on round poles just so the local boys could easily manoeuvre the sign for Ballinamuck in the wrong direction.

Stones Kerry

This weekend I would have happily got lost on a network of country roads near Lispole in Kerry. To my left were stunning views of cliff edges and to my right a patchwork of green fields in a valley. I couldn’t allow myself to stray because I was on a tight schedule during Niamh and Tom’s wedding. Earlier on in the week I had checked this whole area out. The directions given to me by Tom involved driving through a farmyard, vering right up the hill, down the hill, then I went off track and ended up in the yard of another person’s house. The man was working outside but quickly disappeared inside when he saw yet another fool end up in his yard. Ahead of me was an overgrown grass track so I pulled on my wellies and decided to make my own way down the track, to see if there was anything worthwhile at the end of it…

Sea Kerry

Minard Castle KerryThe surprise at the end was the most perfect, small beach I have ever been on. There was not one footprint on the sand until I walked on it. I was surrounded by calm water, cliffs topped by velvet green grass and a castle ruin to my right. I stood there taking it all in and at that moment all was well in my world…

Beach Kerry


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