How Far Would I go for a Good Photograph?

Not this far!

Dancer Photographs

Image by Jordan Matter

I discovered Jordan Matter, a New York Photographer through the New York Daily News who wrote about these brilliant Photographs taken by Matter. He embarked on a project called “Dancers Among Us” where he photographed dancers all over New York City. What is cool about these photographs is that they are taken in normal settings such as train stations, deli counters, magazine stands, even St. Patrick’s Cathedral where he was asked to leave after taking the photograph during mass! No tricks were used to get the poses, just the amazing, bodily skill of the dancers. I love the boldness of the shots and the reactions of anyone else in the shots to the dancer’s pose. Most of all they make me laugh. Here are some more but click here to go to Jordan Matter’s site.


New York Deli

Image by Jordan Matter


Image by Jordan Matter

The Office

Image by Jordan Matter

Image by Jordan Matter

Multi Tasking Mum

Image by Jordan Matter


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