The Mammy Sanctuary..

I am going off the photography track and on to my second favourite thing, food (eating it, not cooking it). This Saturday was a first off in a long time so we headed to the Dingle Wildlife and Seal Sanctuary. Of course I was there to see the injured seals but when I got a whiff of freshly made scones coming from Bluirini Blasta (Irish for Tasty Morsels) I figured the seals could survive without me for a while…

Egg WarmersThe Bluirini Blasta Egg Warmers. Really cute. The food was top quality and homemade which is why I am posting about this place. I always feel compelled to shout about people who believe in the value of quality..

Bluirini Blasta JamBluirini Blasta make and sell the most delicious Jams and relishes.

Strawberry JamStrawberry Jam and toys…heaven for Dan.

kids kerryI was thinking that they should add Mum Sanctuary to the name. This was a really great spot to finish an entire cup of coffee. They had a corner full of toys and soft sofas and lots of room for the smallies to feel at home.

Kerry places to see


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