Photogenic Kissing-The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Photograph Kisses…

Whether you are getting married or not, November is a time when we could all do with some extra hugs and kisses so why not practice some photogenic kissing…

Rule One – Do not pout like a trout! Partners lips should be just touching and not protruding or squashed against each other.

Rule Two – Do not have a collision of noses going on! Tilt your heads in opposite directions so that you fit together comfortably.

Rule Three – Feel free to use your hands around the face or neck for a more passionate embrace but without squashing your partners skin. Hands need to rest gently or risk distorting your beloved’s face.

Rule Four – Close your eyes when kissing. The rabbit caught in headlights look is not good when kissing your partner! Much more passionate when you allow yourself to be lost in the moment.

Rule Five – You don’t always have to kiss on the lips. Forehead, cheek or neck can sometimes look really good.

Now practice!

Wedding Photograph

Japanese Gardens Kildare

Castle Leslie

Castle Leslie

Sneem HotelDunboyne Castle


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