Winter Blues.. Its all in the Mind

I have had a flashing advert pop up over my email all day, with the words “say no to winter blues” by heading off on a winter holiday to the Canaries. That is just not possible for most of us and not necessary either although many don’t seem to realise the latter…

Yosemite Winter

When I was in my early adult years I had a feeling of dread about winter. It’s darkness seemed to shut down the part of my mind that felt like doing anything apart from attach myself to the nearest heat source…

Blennerville Tralee

Having studied light for years as a Photographer I came to the conclusion that the best light was in fact, during winter. The low sun sculpts and casts shadows on whatever it is shining on. The colour of the terrain is also more saturated as a result of the low sun…

Caragh Lake Kerry

Now I can’t spend enough time outdoors during winter whether photographing or not. I am outside, rain, wind, snow or shine. I soak up (sometimes literally) all that winter has to offer me.

Sandycove Dublin

So your mind might think it would love a sun holiday in winter, but your body may just need to fully experience what our season has to offer. So layer up, welcome the elements and have the best cuppa you will ever experience, when you go inside…


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