To Get Married or Not…

A very quick post..I was listening to Ryan Tubridy this morning on the radio. A man sent in a message saying he would like to marry his girlfriend but as he currently has no job, he feels he has nothing but an uncertain future to offer her. For that reason, he is not going to propose. This gave me both a feeling of sadness, and annoyed that he is basing his self-worth on the lack of an income.

There are so many issues within his statement related to his sense self worth that I am not going to delve into. I just hope that in time he will discover where his values come from and believe me it is not from a salary.

What I will address is the automatic image of a wedding in many peoples heads: new suits, new dresses, make up artists, flowers, church, hotel, vintage cars, photographer, videographer, cake, honeymoon. None and I repeat, none of this is needed to get married to someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. Of course all of the above is great. Hell, I am a wedding Photographer and I believe passionately in the value of good wedding photography, but is it necessary to get married? Yes, I am mad to be saying this about my own profession, but if people (and I believe there are many) are going to ignore their gut feeling of wanting to marry someone based on whether they can provide this kind of wedding, then I believe it is worth saying…


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  1. Hi Pauline,

    I find that so sad. People lose sight of what marriage is all about, and concentrate too much on the wedding.

    They need to remember that a wedding is just for one day but marriage is for life.


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