I’ll (probably) never own an iPhone..


iPhones are amazing inventions. Yesterday a friend proudly demonstrated how his iPhone App. could recognise a song being played in a pub. Within seconds the name of the song and where he could buy it was delivered to his iPhone. Apart from the fact that I am not a gadget person, can’t stand learning how to use new gadgets, and I only ever want them to do something simple, such as make a phone call, the iPhone  is beyond what I will ever need. I do not want to check my email every minute, like my life depended on it. I do not want to have a semi-conscious conversation with someone, because I can check my Facebook page at the same time. I do not want to feel like I am missing an arm if I am not in the same room as my iPhone. I do not want to sleep with my iPhone by my side. Most of all I do not want my brain hooked to a piece of technology, eyes fixed on a gadget and not on the environment and people around me. But don’t quote me on this! I’ll repost a true ode to an iPhone if I ever end up with one. Won’t be any time soon though…

Thanks to http://www.payphone-project.com/ for the shot.


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